COOL INFOGRAPHIC: How Social Media Will Impact The Presidential Election

All those status and tweets about the election? They may not change someone's mind about who they support... but they WILL get more people to vote, and convince some of the undecided voters. (And more than ever, every vote counts.) Check out this cool graphic from opensite.org about how social media will effect the election this year.

VIRAL VIDEO: Teens React To Rick Perry’s Controversial Ad

Rick Perry's controversial "Strong" campaign ad continues to get attention. The spot, which lambasts gays in the military and an absence of prayer in schools, has received nearly 7.5 million views and almost 750 'dislikes.' Now, the popular web series "Teens React," which showcases kids watching viral videos and reacting, has taken on the spot... take a look at how these kids view this polarizing commercial.

Levi Johnston’s Sketchy, Snarky Comments Are Back

Levi Johnston's 'long awaited' book is finally coming out! (As a game, try to read that last line aloud without laughing!) According to the Associated Press, Johnston says that ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin) got pregnant intentionally to take a sort of revenge on her mother.

Ed Harris’ Stunning Portrayal Of John McCain.

Look again. That’s not the real John McCain, that’s actor Ed Harris, playing John McCain (with an uncanny physical resemblance) in the upcoming  HBO mini-series “Game...