VIDEO: Christine O’Donnell Walks Out On Piers Morgan Interview.

Christine O'Donnell would love you to buy her book, but don't dare ask her about her position on matters she has spoken publicly about before, and even WRITES about in the book.

We don’t talk about politics much on POPgoesTheWeek, but we do talk about TV, and we also call out public figures who embrace the press when they can feed their need for publicity, but refute them when they have to answer questions about what they stand for.

Christine O’Donnell would love you to buy her book, but don’t dare ask her about her position on matters she has spoken publicly about before, and even WRITES about in the book.

On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” Wednesday, O’Donnell was asked about her views on witchcraft and gay marriage.

“I’m not talking about policies. I’m not running for office,” O’Donnell said. “Ask Michele Bachmann what she thinks.” (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO)

Mind you, these are issues that have been a big part of her political career – they’re even issues that are apparently addressed in the book she is asking us to buy. (I have not personally read the book.)

But tonight, like so many politicians and celebrities, she only wanted to talk about what SHE wanted to talk about – in this case, tea party principles.

O’Donnell has been a talking head for many years – her comment about dabbling in witchcraft on “Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher” more than ten years ago came back to haunt her when she decided to run for office last year.

When Morgan asked the questions, O’Donnell refused to answer, effectively ending the interview. “I’m being pulled away,” she said… then fessing up that she was supposed to be speaking at the Republican Women’s Club and ‘chose to be a little late for that” to be on the show. (Attention Republican Women’s Club: She didn’t mind being late to speak at your event if it meant she could sell some copies of her book first.)


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  • I saw the interview if that’s what you want to call it.This one wanted to tell Piers what she was there to talk about.That’s some nerve. He said he would have her back,i for one hope he does’nt. Let her go to fixed news or better yet let her go to the drugster (Rush Limbaug)or one of the people that pander to her type.I certainly won’t be reading the book even when it hits the dollar store.She’s a witch let her conjure up some concoction to promote it.Funny how all of a sudden she had some place to go once Piers refused to change the subject.

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