Watching Mayim Bialik Learn TikTok Dances Is Pure Joy

It is so fun watching this mom’s viral dance moves blossom.

Nowadays you can’t go on social media without being introduced to some new viral dance craze and I am only salty about it because I was given the curse of two left feet. Once in awhile, however, I come across a video so entertaining that me and my sense of incoordination can’t help but to put our jealousy aside and let the amusement take over. And that has happened with Mayim Bialik’s latest post on her YouTube channel.

While we know the actress from her charmingly quirky roles in the hit tv shows Blossom and The Big Bang Theory, Bialik spends her days like most moms just trying to keep up with the latest trends that have her children so captivated. In her video entitled “My Son Teaches Me TikTok Dances” the mom of 2 makes it her mission to learn some of the viral dances sweeping the popular app from her teenage son. Bialik starts the video by calling the app “Tik-Toke” so you know we are in for a treat. The Ph.D (yes she has a Ph.D in neuroscience) then describes Tik Tok as being “impossible” to explain only for her son to quickly inform her that this is a very simple explanation of how the app works. It’s going well. Oh and Bialik is wearing a Pokémon t-shirt throughout the entire video…which should automatically make her TikTok famous imo.

Rather than just join the app and potentially humiliate herself and become a meme, Bialik decided to post her dance attempts to her own channel. Who would dare meme this queen!? The tv star then goes onto learn and demonstrate some of the most viral videos we’ve seen recently such as “The Renegade” and “Say So.” The video will keep a smile on your face for the entire 10+ minutes and is definitely worth sharing. We need all the good vibes we can get nowadays and trust me they don’t get much better than this!

Check out the charmingly quirky video below!

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