FUNNY VIDEO MONTAGE: Posing For A Photo Not Knowing It’s Actually Video

We've all had it happen - posed for a 'photo' only to realize later that the camera was set to VIDEO. Awkward, especially when we go back and see us standing still and smiling like a dork for four seconds. Well, some genius has compiled tons of those awkward moments of people standing still in dorky poses - and it's surprisingly hilarious.

FUNNY VIDEO: Guy Parodies Jersey Tanning Mom

Funny guy Greg Scarnici has posted a video recreating the now infamous "tanning mom" Patricia Krentcil... as though she is doing a video diary that precedes the day she got busted for allegedly taking her five year old daughter tanning. As if his mustache didn't make it funny enough, 'she' describes how she is getting her 'base' tan for the Jersey Shore.

COOL VIDEO: Beautiful Moments, One Second At A Time

In the short film contest "The Beauty Of A Second," people were asked to submit a mere second of video representing something beautiful to them. From babies, to plants, to animals and unusual events, the result is a collection of images that can't help but bring you a little zen.

Cool Site: DearPhotograph Puts Old Photos In Front Of The Same Backdrops Today.

A great new site called is taking a clever approach to appreciating the past and marvelling at the passage of time. The simple premise: take an old photo, and then hold it in front of the same backdrop today. Instantly you can look back in time - but be reminded of all that has changed (and stayed the same) up to now. Here are some examples...

Ed Harris’ Stunning Portrayal Of John McCain.

Look again. That’s not the real John McCain, that’s actor Ed Harris, playing John McCain (with an uncanny physical resemblance) in the upcoming  HBO mini-series “Game...