Seth MacFarlane Ushers In The ‘Holiday For Swing’

Seth MacFarlane Brian Balthazar ChristmasSeth MacFarlane is known for being brash, irreverent, and brilliantly funny through his cartoon creations Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, plus his mega-hit movie “Ted” – which has a sequel in the works. As fans of his shows know, he’s also a gifted singer. Frequently belting out standards under the characters he voices (Peter, Stewie and Brian among them), he recently released a Holiday Album which showcases the velvety voice he has when he’s being none other than Seth. I had the chance to meet with Seth this month, and he was a class act. Quieter than you would imagine, given the bold content he’s known to present in his projects. He was kind enough to post for this epic photo (yes, I’m calling it epic) of the two of us singing together. In full disclosure, we didn’t sing at all, but I requested (or rather, insisted) that we both look like we’re having a duet. Something for the vision board! Listen below to one of the great tracks from the CD – MacFarlane and Sara Bareilles singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

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