If Twitter Is Any Indication, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Patrick Is Taking His Parents’ Split In Stride.

UPDATE: You may be looking for a more updated story on Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Twitter feed…In light of the new revelations regarding Arnold’s affair, Patrick Schwarzenegger has since changed his last name on twitter to Shriver. Click the HERE for more!

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who’s been blogged about quite a bit lately for taking after his dad Arnold in the physical fitness department (ah, to be 17 again) is apparently approaching his parents’ separation with a sense of humor. At least his twitter account indicates so:

This is probably the only instance that it’s okay to glaze by the environmentally ghastly hummer reference.

In other news, he only follows 32 people, and one of them is Tom Arnold. Go figure. (Justin Bieber is also in there.)

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