FASCINATING MOVIE TRAILER: “Sellebrity” Examines The World’s Obsession With Fame

The documentary "Sellebrity" looks compelling - and is certain to start some debates about the plight of the rich and famous, who are often stalked by tabloid journalists. The film examines the irony of a business where stars need attention to become famous - and the lines that are inevitably crossed when that fame is achieved. Some people will likely shout 'boo-hoo' at their struggles - but others may sympathize... where do you stand?

VIDEO: Grandma Reads Snooki’s Tweets

Nothing puts this crazy world into perspective quite like the realization that it all exists on the same planet as your grandmother, and that she has to co-exist with this kind of nuttiness. Behold, this funny oral reading of Snooki's tweets by a cute old grandma.

The Problem With Lindsay Lohan’s Sponsored Tweets.

Lindsay Lohan has become somewhat notorious for taking money in exchange for tweets recommending a service or product. Now she's under fire for tweeting in support of a finance company that many consider unscrupulous. As Lohan's paid tweets go, sometimes it's on the level, but sometimes the lines are blurry. Here's what she's done, what she's doing, and why until things change, no one wins in the hazy world of celebrities and sponsored tweets.