Kelly Ripa’s Wax Figure Looks More Like An Obsessed Fan Than Ripa Herself.

Ripa draws upon her experience as an actress to pretend she’s not horrified by the lack of resemblance between her and her wax figure.. 

Recognize the woman next to Kelly Ripa? No? That’s a shame, because the folks at Madame Tussaud’s would like you to believe that it IS her. Despite the fact that Ripa has been on television five days a week for the past ten years or so, providing plenty of photo reference, there is something oddly Single White Female about the wax likeness… as if someone she knew decided they wanted to look as much like Ripa as they can… bleaching their hair, even buying a red dress like the one Ripa has! But it still falls slightly flat and entirely creepy.

Mind you, if ever I was to get a figure of myself immortalized in wax, the Tussaud’s version of me would have pectoral implants, a narrower nose and the undereye lines would certainly be addressed. I would most certainly be unrecognizable. But Ripa needs no adjustments – she’s beautiful and instantly recognizable as a tv personality.  So we should be able to recognize her figure just as easily.

So how is Madame Tussaud’s doing lately? You be the judge. Here’s a few recent additions to their collection…

This one of Diddy, or P Diddy, or Puff, or Sean Combs, or whatever, is pretty darn good.

This Mary Hart one is so good it’s scary. They may ask it to help with red carpet coverage next year if Mary gets sick, because it doesn’t talk back. Unfortunately, its horrible on teleprompter.

We’ve secretly replaced your Jonas Brothers with alien replicants. And we gave one of them a Marlo Thomas wig. Try and act comfortable.


This Tyra one will not be advancing to become America’s Next Top Wax Model. Pretty, though.

This Kate Moss one is good. I’m sure there’s a joke about cocaine or something, but I’m not going to make it. I’m not that tacky. Although by referencing the possibility of a cocaine joke, I establish that in fact I am that tacky. 

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