Kate Moss’s 13 Year Old Sis Is A Now Model.

That's right, 13 years old! Here's how the career got started, according to reports.

That’s right, 13 years old! Here’s how the career got started, according to reports. When Kate Moss got married over the summer, her 13 year old half sister Lottie turned heads with her youthful innocence and beauty at the ceremony. Of course, modeling agents everywhere were eager to make her look less innocent and youthful by adding makeup and grownup clothes and get her into the modeling biz.

And so, Moss has made her foray into the modeling world with some stunningly beautiful pictures reportedly taken by Andrea Carter-Bowman.

There’s no doubt she’s model material. Scary just how grown up she looks at just 13 though!

Take a look at some of the shots below!



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