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POP INTERVIEW: “LA Hair” Stylist Angela Stevens

Chris Rock knew what he was talking about in his documentary, Good Hair. Women are pretty much obsessed beyond sanity when it comes to coiffing! The beautiful Angela Stevens from WeTV’s LA Hair has great advice for women and introduces men to our wacky adventures in hairstyling.



Chris Rock knew what he was talking about in his documentary, Good Hair. Women are pretty much obsessed beyond sanity when it comes to coiffing! The beautiful Angela Stevens from WeTV’s LA Hair has great advice for women and introduces men to our wacky adventures in hairstyling in her e-mail interview.

angela LA hair

What is it about women and their hair? Why don’t men have this obsession women have to change styles, do extensions, etc? Are we just, may I say, crazy?
Male grooming is a very lucrative part of the hair and beauty industry as well. It’s not discussed as much openly but men do like to enhance their hair look almost just as much as women do. We are so fascinated by hair because there are so many different things we can do these days. Between hair color, extensions, and haircuts, women can look completely different every time they leave the salon.

Men make fun of women doing their hair! How much do men really notice hair? Would the world turn upside down if everyone stopped fixing their hair? Would they notice then?
Men defiantly notice hair. Although its not the only thing they notice. I’m positive they would have a negative reaction to the sudden oversight of not giving out hair attention at all. There would be a lot of complaining spouses for sure!

When you are working with a client who doesn’t know what she wants, how do you determine the best look to bring out her beauty?
I give consultations to all my new clients. I recommend different looks based on their face and lifestyle. Usually I try not to give them anything too drastic but just a subtle push in a new direction. Once they get comfortable with me as a stylist,I then try to give them more trendy bold hairstyles and color choices.

You style many people. How do you avoid getting bored on the job?
Boredom is a part of regularity in any field, so there’s basically no way around it. The great thing for me is that having a variety of clients with different personalities keeps things exciting. Also working in different aspects of the industry also helps to avoid boredom. I work in salon, on set, house calls, platform work, classroom instruction, and public speaking. Because of this, each day usually brings something new. No yawns here!

You style a mix of straight hair, wavy and ethnic hair. What is good for everyone?
There is no general for everyone because we are all different. What looks good on you may not look nice on me. So each look is based on the clients face shape, size, skin color etc. there’s so much variety with hair color and styling. It’s important to give everyone a custom look that works specifically for them.

You said your favorite beauty icon is Beyoncé, but Queen B herself wasn’t born that way overnight. She’s had a solid transition from her early Destiny’s Child looks to her diva status. If a girl wants to emulate her, how do we jump right to being a “hair diva,” sans missteps along the road there?
Like Beyonce, everyone needs a great hairstylist. Who understands their look and personality. Diva hair also requires in depth knowledge of hair color and extensions to create signature looks and flowing hair.

How has hair changed clients who are personally facing tragedy at your salon and made them forget about it, or at minimum, feel better about themselves?
Hair stylists are also therapists when clients come in feeling low. It’s part of out job to make them feel better on the inside and out. In many cases, clients come to us with not only their hair problems but life problems as well. Our two hour sessions help tackle both issues so the client leaves feeling refreshed and in better spirits. Looking good usually helps cheer a person up anyway.

People say so much, “I got used to the cameras.” I guess it works if you are out singing or part of a large dating show. You, on the other hand, require space to do good hair. How does filming work when you need to concentrate, or you need actual physical space for a client?
It’s not easy styling in front of the camera because hair styling doesn’t always look great from start to finish. But the job has to get done so I just pretend like its not there and concentrate on the job at hand. After awhile you really do forget about the camera. It’s the craziest thing.

You specialize in extensions. As far as bonded ones, in my experience, only one brand, Great Lengths, doesn’t fall out. Despite following directions, I never got any other brand to stay. What causes slippage if someone does all the right care? What is your preferred brand? Do you use bonds or prefer other methods like weaves, which do stay in?
I prefer other methods of extensions over bonding. Weaving, tape ins, and clip ins are more popular services for my clients. These alternatives are a bit healthier on the hair overall. But slippage is probably due to the natural oil from the hair loosening the bond of the extensions.

You have said you admire people with confidence. If everyone truly felt sex appeal depended on confidence and good humor alone, Adam Sandler would be a “Cosmo” pin-up boy of the month. How can someone really use beauty, and other qualities, to be confident and sexy?
Beauty and confidence are synonymous because when you look good most people feel good as well. When you feel good your interaction with others will be positive and they will more than likely pay attention to you. It’s basically a natural reaction. Everyone wants to look good, maintaining a positive self image, will in turn give more confidence.

When you’re home in Chicago, what is your favorite food you can’t get in LA? Is it the macaroni and cheese…chicken…pizza…?
I always have to get some chicken from Harold’s. Its not the healthiest choice but its a hometown favorite. Don’t forget the mild sauce!


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Lee Daniels took to Instagram on Wednesday night to speak out about the Jussie Smollett scandal. The caption to the video states that Lee was “in [his] feelings last week,” alluding to the further developments surrounding the case. In the video, after brushing his teeth, Lee takes a moment to address the fact that Jussie is still appearing in new episodes of the hit show because they were filmed prior to “the incident.” In the wake of the allegations, the show has released a statement confirming the fact that Jussie has been written out of the last two episodes of the season. Lee’s pain and frustration stems from something deeper than character arcs as he told his followers “this is not what the show was made for. This show was made to bring America together to talk about the atrocities that are happening right now in the streets.”

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I guess we should all take comfort in knowing that the show is ending on the terms of  co-creators (and stars) Dan Levy and Eugene Levy. Just moments ago they released an official statement announcing their renewal for a 6th and final season. In the statement they express their gratitude for being given “the time and creative freedom to tell this story in its totality, concluding with the final chapter that [they] had envisioned from the very beginning.”

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To Our Dear Fans…

A post shared by Dan Levy (@instadanjlevy) on

Over the course of it’s five seasons, Schitt’s Creek has been praised by fans and critics alike for their hysterical yet positive storylines. Dan Levy, whose character is identifies as pansexual, has been clear since the show’s beginning that the world of Schitt’s Creek is a tolerant one that is free of bias and homophobia. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed and then snot-cried on my couch while watching this show!

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