FUNNY VIDEO: Freestyle Frisbee Dancing From A Bygone Era

Check out the glamorous life of Chip Bell, John Brooks and Joey Gadauchlin, who, back in theday, would “perform over 200 times a year at schools, professional events, and rock concerts” with their truly awesome (and slightly hysterical) frisbee dancing and gymnastics. The tracksuits and high waisted short-shorts are KILLER. Enjoy your day and laugh with this one!

BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Making The Amazing Spider Man Lizard Fight Scene

For The Amazing Spider Man, director Marc Webb and the visual effects artists at Sony Imageworks. created some scenes that were entirely computer generated. Take this high-action fight scene between Spidey and a huge lizard, which is set in the high school. Here, even the high school environment is completely animated. Watch this cool docu-video about how they put it all together.