Hairstyle You Haven’t Tried: The Eyeball.

If you think YOUR morning hair routine takes time, you haven't seen this one. Check out the guy behind the gravity defying hairstyle.

If you think YOUR morning hair routine takes time, you haven’t seen this one.

Can you look away yet? Now check out the guy behind the gravity defying hairstyle:

Edward Davis (also known as Seaborn, photo below) is a fixture in hairstyling competitions, and his creation here, as worn by his model Dot has understandably gone viral for it’s cleverness and sheer impossibility. But yes, it is possible, and yes, you’re looking at it. And it’s looking at you. (I keep waiting for it to blink!)

Seaborn’s mission is “to open the mind of the future approaching wearable art.” Well my mind – and in this case, Dot’s third eye – is WIDE open!

Seaborn has a Youtube Channel and Dot is known for sporting some of his more outlandish hairstyles – together, their video commentary is offbeat, irreverant, and beyond description. There is actually a video of this particular style that you can find here.

If this is any indication of what he’s up to, (and it is) then you probably want to follow him on twitter.

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