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EXPERT: Lindsay Lohan Was Still Worth $1 Million, Even After The Photo Leak.

Why Playboy Wins Even After The Lindsay Lohan Photos Were Leaked.



Playboy Wins Even After The Lindsay Lohan Photos Were Leaked.

Ask around the Playboy offices and you’ll get varying opinions about whether the worldwide spread of Lindsay Lohan’s magazine pictorial is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s true, some people are freaking out, since they had expected a big rush of sales and had ordered more than their standard number of issues to accomodate the sales.

A source in the marketing world (not specifically associated with the Playboy issue) reminds them to calm down, seeing a huge silver lining, and the potential for even more sales.

“Sure, it could mean that fewer people buy the magazine, but it could go the other way too. The truth is, we live in a world where a good portion of people would wait until the issue came out and the pictures were online after the fact anyway. What matters is… people are talking about Playboy! This story is all over the place. The estimated one million dollars could never buy this level of publicity. Consider that a 30 second Super Bowl ad costs around 2.6 million. Now, with the leak, blogs, newspapers and even mainstream television media are reporting in advance of the issue. They paid Lindsay an estimated 1 million… I think they’re getting their money’s worth already.”

Click HERE for the photos, not entirely safe for work. 

Any time a big name agrees to do a pictorial for the magazine, the accompanying buzz is often more powerful than the photos themselves. Look back at how many times you’ve heard of a magazine ‘obtaining’ revealing old photos of a celebrity – often the pics themselves were underwhelming. It happened to Vanna White.

Then there is the Vanessa Williams example. Think back to an issue of Penthouse you remember. That’s probably the only one. Not only is it a collector’s item now, but the issue itself was a branding dream. The silver lining? Vanessa Williams, who was dethroned from her Miss America title over the photographs, remains (arguably) the single most recognized celebrity who has ever held the title. Hopefully Lindsay Lohan has most of her scandal behind her. The photos are being received as fairly sophisticated. And some people may just want to own a copy based on Lohan’s star power alone. This could still be a collector or movie fan’s dream issue.

“There will be equity in having this issue both if she makes a great comeback someday, or, sad but true, if she doesnt.”

Playboy was expected to release the Lindsay Lohan issue on December 15th… but in the age of technology, it is nearly impossible to keep such a buzzworthy issue under wraps.

Fox News reports that copies of the photos: “were either hacked or stolen from the magazine and uploaded to a file-sharing website based in Russia.”

The expression ‘it’s a small world’ has never been truer since the dawn of the technological age., a digital magazine clearinghouse based out of the Ukraine apparently made the article and 10 accompanying photos available for purchase through a file storage service.

My source also points out that some people will still not look at the photos online, or won’t look at them with the same level of interest as they will the  magazine. “It’s often difficult for people to look at this content easily at the office or even at home. It’s just like hiding the magazine from your mom or your wife! Some people will be afraid to look at work, and some people will not want their wives to know they’re looking. Those people can go buy the magazine and hide it under their mattress,” he jokes. “I’m sure some people at Playboy are irritated. But they should be seeing a very bright side to this situation.”

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Three Words That Went So Viral That Kylie Wants To Trademark Them – And Why She’s Right To Do It.



It all started when Kylie Jenner gave us a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office on YouTube. Then, she went to wake her sleeping daughter, singing “rise and shine.”

Maybe it was the way she sang it, but it went viral, memes followed, and it became the most hashtagged phrase EVER on Tik Tok. Almost immediately.

Within a week, she filed an application to trademark the phrase, hoping to turn the now viral moment into a merchandising opportunity. Folks called it excessive and silly, claiming such a common expression shouldn’t be up for the taking.

Those people are wrong. What it is, is smart.

Take a look – the seemingly innocuous moment happens 15 minutes in to the tour.

Why is it smart? Because if she doesn’t trademark it, someone else will. People are ALL about capitalizing on viral moments, and if she didn’t, someone else would have tried to use Kylie’s influence to benefit themselves, just like people are using the #RiseAndShine hashtag right now for views and likes. And that’s not taking advantage of it?

In fact, she’s not the first person to even apply for a trademark for the phrase. Roughly 100 applications, some active, some dead, have been filed with variations of the phrase over the years. A mattress company liked the sound of it, so did a coffee company, a beer, snack mix, and Hardee’s wanted to use it to promote breakfast entrees. All of them make sense. McDonald’s trademarked the common phrase “I’m Lovin’ It.” Emeril trademarked “Bam!” and Paris Hilton trademarked “That’s hot.” Having the trademark doesn’t prohibit everyone else from saying it in conversation, but it does limit the ability for others to monetize it for themselves. It keeps a phrase that is uniquely attributed to another person or business from being used in a misleading way for monetary gain by others. Sports announcer Michael Buffer wisely trademarked “Let’s get ready to rumble” so that others couldn’t go and make t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise with a catchphrase that he made famous. Anyone can file for a trademark on a phrase. In the end, the trademark office will decide if the application has merit. Before you do, it is suggested you seek the advice of a legal expert.

By now we know that Kylie Jenner is a successful business woman, given the enormous popularity of Kylie Cosmetics. It stands to reason that she is going to expand her scope of business. No matter WHAT she decided to name a spinoff of her brand, she would trademark it. By jumping on a phrase that is now already organically linked to her, thanks to the fans themselves, she merely did the SMART thing. Coming up with a brand name is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur does. Half of the ideas are taken, the others you don’t love, and sometimes the ones you do love other people don’t like.

So before we start hating on Kylie’s fast acting ingenuity, we should be inspired and do some of it ourselves!

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VIDEO: Why Paris Hilton Is A Chameleon.



Paris Hilton sat down with me and Makho Ndlovu at the People Now studios to talk about her new fragrance “Electrify,” the first song she plays when she’s DJ’ing, and what character’s she likes the play… in real life!

What an amazing time it is visiting and guest co-hosting People Now. The people on camera and behind the scenes couldn’t be more kind and welcoming! And Paris herself was absolutely charming and sweet.


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Watch How This Hasselhoff Deepfake Takes Years Off The Actor!



Visual effects artist Chris Ume takes countless images of David Hasselhoff from his past Baywatch days, then creates a younger avator, blending the new, artificial Hof onto the real life Hoff.

The process of this crazy magic? It’s called a Deepfake = combining and superimposing existing images and videos onto a source image or video. The process is incredible, and yet still relatively in its infancy. If things keep progressing this genre as we can only expect they will, it’s not a stretch to imagine that we could someday see an actor actress play a younger version of themselves so convincingly we won’t see how they did it.

To follow more of his work, subscribe to Chris’ youtube channel.

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