Two Reasons These Magazine Cover Headlines Are Sad And Wrong

Am I the only one that gets uncomfortable when magazines brandish a celebrity who just turned eighteen with the headling "HOT, READY, LEGAL"?? This is completely inappropriate.

This turns my stomach.

Gawker made a smart observation today about Justin Bieber’s August cover of Rolling Stone – pointing out that just eight years ago, their August 2004 cover featured 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan with the same headline. Both of them read: “HOT, READY, LEGAL.”

Let’s move past the irony of reason one I don’t love this headline seeing the cover of a magazine again – the fact that Lindsay Lohan has hit upon some challenging times since her ‘hot, ready and legal’ milestone… and address to the most important reason – the fact that it’s absolutely gross and inappropriate to be celebrating the fact that their being of the legal age makes having sex with them no longer against the law. Is someone sitting somewhere with an alarm clock and a tracking device, waiting to pounce? Let these kids just be kids and celebrate their successes… it’s not like most people have ‘a chance’ with them anyway.

Can whoever is writing these headlines just grow up?

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