CAUGHT ON TAPE: Photographer’s Up Close, Scary Encounter With Polar Bear

Even though Photographer Gordon Buchanan is in a protective box, it's no less scary when a massive polar bear smells his scent and shakes, growls and bares his teeth at his potential meal. Suddenly this protective barrier doesn't feel so protective. The bear went on trying to get at Buchanan for 45 minutes. Watch the video here.

FUNNY VIDEO MONTAGE: Posing For A Photo Not Knowing It’s Actually Video

We've all had it happen - posed for a 'photo' only to realize later that the camera was set to VIDEO. Awkward, especially when we go back and see us standing still and smiling like a dork for four seconds. Well, some genius has compiled tons of those awkward moments of people standing still in dorky poses - and it's surprisingly hilarious.

New Photo Trend Isn’t So New: Turtling.

Everything that's old becomes new again... even in celebrity photography! Look no further than George Clooney on March’s issue of Esquire and "The Artist" actor Jean Dujardin on last month’s issue GQ Russia. But wait... that looks familiar...