Remember this magazine photoshoot? Now it seems Biebs prefers throwing the punches!

Sure, there’s a lot of chatter about how Justin Bieber (who is skinnier than the dental floss I use daily) assaulted a photographer. Even if he really did let out an assault of punches at a photog over taking pics of his girlfriend, here’s why he won’t go to jail, (and so new video that shows he’s got fightin’ on his mind.)

Sure, the reports have speculated that Bieber could face six months in jail if his paparazzi assault case makes it to courts. But don’t hold your breath, Bieber haters. Legal experts say since it was in reaction to a perceived threat (even of the picture taking kind), essentially a form of self-defense, no judge would send him to jail on a first-time offense. (Remember how many celebs have attacked paparazzi before him? Do you recall them spending any time in jail?)

In fact, while reports say that Bieber’s case has gone to prosecutors, the DA’s office tells USA Today that they haven’t received a thing yet.

Still, it seems that Bieber has been getting his fists primed for punching. Just days before the altercation, Bieber was captured sparring with boxing great Mike Tyson. (video below.) So maybe all that extra testosterone has amped up his rage.

If Bieber is upset about all the fightin’ words, he can take comfort by bathing in a pile of money. His Die in Your Arms single was released Tuesday, so all he needs to do is look at his iTunes rank to know he’s going to be getting a nice paycheck soon enough.

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