Dina Lohan Has TWO Reality TV Projects?

If you could see my expression, it is one of feigned shock. Dina Lohan, mother of embattled young actress Lindsay Lohan, will reportedly be appearing on not one but two potential reality shows.

The first, as reported by TMZ, includes Ms. Lohan alongside the ex-wives of famous people – like Prince, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy, for a show on VH1 called “Hollywood Exes.” Dina is supposedly shooting several episodes but isn’t a full season member of the cast. She is being brought in as a ‘friend’ of many of the cast members, and will be expected to liven up the storylines. (Because if there’s anything the Lohan knows, it’s drama.) Daughter Lindsay is not expected to appear on the series.

Meanwhile, that’s not the only TV project Mama Lohan has going this summer.  She has also signed on to a   documentary-series that will follow the real-life journey of launching a Broadwaybound musical from “page to stage,” just like the NBC series Smash. They’ll pay special attention to the kids in the show, and their often overbearing moms. While no network has yet picked up the series, it’s being tentatively titled DramaMamasThe White Plains Performing Arts Center is the theater company in focus. (Have they brought anything to Broadway before?) In any case, they’ve already posted a casting notice calling for” open auditions for young non-union musical theatre performers ages 15-21 for A BRAND NEW musical with a fully staged production in mid-November 2012. …Commitment begins mid-August and goes through mid-November ending before Thanksgiving.” The casting also notes that it is looking for adults to ‘audition’  -but  not for their singing and dancing skills.

Lohan told Celebuzz.com: “There is nothing more important to me than a parent standing behind their child and helping them fulfill their dreams.” (While this is clearly a quote tailor made for promoting a show, it’s more than a bit ironic, given that we’ve seen how that priority has worked out in the past.)

Celebuzz also notes that: “DramaMamas will recruit a variety of creative “mentors” from the Broadway community, including 49-year-old Lohan, who has acted as manager for daughters Lindsay, 25, and Ali, 18.”

Dina is not new to reality TV, she and her kids once appeared on the E! series Living Lohan, which was intended to help launch youngest daughter Ali’s singing aspirations, which has since shifted to modeling.

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