Epicly Bad Reality Competition Could Be The Next Cure For Insomnia

It’s called “Genuine Ken” and it looks genuinely awful.

It’s a competition to find the great American boyfriend. (groan.)

According to the “teaser” below (I use quotes because the word implies that it will entice you to watch, when in fact, this instead entices you to vomit) the eight guys have been narrowed down from thousands to be crowned nothing special.

“Host” (again, using quotes because the word implies the person will be able to say their own name in a natural way) Whitney Port manages to grate my nerves well before the 30 second video clip is over… and that’s saying something.

Before we look at the clip, think to yourself about what “The Great American Boyfriend” should be… kind? Caring?  Nurturing? Thoughtful? Self Confident? I suppose. But what kind of challenges would that require? Reflective listening exercises? Snore. Instead, the producers decided to go a different way… as I’ve explained graphically below.

From what I see in the clip…This is what will ‘test’the men’s ability to be a good boyfriend:

We’re talking great television. Oh wait – you can’t actually watch this on television. It’s premiering on HULU. That’s right. It’s on HULU. You have to go your computer and type stuff into that little bar at the top of your monitor to find hulu, and then search for this show. And then hit play.
I don’t know about you, but that sounds like more than this show is worth.


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