Betty White Hosts A Reality Show To Prank Young People!

Betty White has more energy than most people half her age. Now she’s taking on another project – and it looks hysterical! White will host a reality hidden-camera show that turns senior citizens against young people! NBC has put in a 12 episode order for “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,” a series popular overseas for its hilarious hidded camera pranks against the younger generation.

According to the Associated Press, White said in statement: “People have been telling me that I’m `off my rocker’ for years — now I can prove it.”

White is 89 and currently unstoppable. While she has worked steadily all her adult life, her appearance in last year’s Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl prompted a facebook campaign to get her to host SNL. (The ratings were through the roof.) Her series “Hot In Cleveland” has put TV Land on the map for sitcoms with triple digit ratings increases, and is still on the air with more eps to come.

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