“MUSIC” VIDEO: Move Over, Rebecca Black, The Song “It’s Thanksgiving” Is NOT TO BE BELIEVED.

There's yet ANOTHER new 'pop" 'song' out that will have you groaning, laughing, and singing along incredulously. "It's Thanksgiving" is brought to you by the guy who wrote and produced "Friday" - and it's even more ridiculous. With inane lyrics about stuffing, all the holidays and which month they fall in, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll forward it around.

PAINFUL VIDEO: William Shatner Recording A New Album! Watch (And Hear) The Horribleness Unfold

William Shatner must be stopped. Despite doing more of a gravelly voiced shouting than singing, the actor continually manages to be allowed in a recording studio. Here, the cameras catch him murdering Ozzy Osbourne’s classic hit Iron Man. He makes Ozzy sound like Pavarotti.