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This Saturday, Lea and Roy Black, the dynamic duo starring of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Miami, will host The Blacks' Annual Gala. The charity, which benefits The Consequences Foundation, is headlined by Flo Rida. The always gracious Mrs. Black talks about her reality show and why the charity is so important to her.

This Saturday, Lea and Roy Black, the dynamic duo starring of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami, will host The Blacks’ Annual Gala. The charity, which benefits The Consequences Foundation, is headlined by Flo Rida. The always gracious Mrs. Black talked to me via about her reality show and why the charity is so important to her.

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The setting plays a huge role in a good show, scripted or not. Problem is, we aren’t introduced to anything but Atlanta, New York and LA as far as every reality show and film goes. When we were introduced to Miami as a setting, what do you think the producers did well?
It captured Miami – showcased it as an international world class destination. Made it fun and fabulous.

A gala needs to be intricately planned. It would be nice if it were like in movies, and the gorgeous scene shows up, or “Gossip Girl,” hello “instant it girl charity and cut!” but life doesn’t work that way. What is new for this year’s visual point of the event? What about the experience overall?
We have an over the top ending to the night. “Whi5ker5 rages with the illbots”, an incredible dj is doing a fabulous sound and light show. And Flo Rida will rock the house. Celebrity guests will make the red carpet beyond spectacular! And of course it’s the people that make the party! And, stay tuned – we may announce a HUGE surprise talent!

What’s going on with the performances?
Fortunately, Flo Rida has a big heart and wants to help the kids. And we have some major talent including Dj Irie and Dj Trouble.

How did you arrange for all of that successfully? You may have interested younger people with Flo Rida.
I spent months working on it !!!! The talent is always the biggest challenge because most of these artists donate their performances and they live big and have busy lives.

So much of reality TV is about women who don’t do very much. The fact that you are involved with society is absolutely lovely. I like that you’re super ladylike in a century where people believe tackiness trumps all and care about now “odd” traditions like giving back to the community. Please talk about your role in helping people through charity and how you got started!
I started it 19 years ago. I did it because it’s the right thing to do and before everybody was doing charities. We’ve been able to keep lots of kids out of jail and in school. I’ve seen what happens when a parent or family member goes to jail. So many of these kids don’t know there’s a life of possibility out there. It’s our responsibility to show them and help them live productive lives. It’s about second chances and offering kids possibilities, education and hope.

Is there a natural tendency for a bunch of women to have disagreements without cameras?
I think whenever you get strong minded people together men or women, you’re always going to have disagreements. Unless someone is doing you or someone wrong – then the best solution is to agree to disagree and respect a difference of opinion.

Why do you think women create so much conflict on reality TV? Looking back, I can’t think of one moment on any show where conflict was created by men. And why do you think viewers like watching conflict?
I think men have also contributed to the conflict. But, I think generally speaking women are more emotional than men so it shows up in a more dramatic way. And women are more inclined to show their emotions and speak their mind. I think viewers watch conflict because they can relate to it and because they usually are invested in a point of view.

When you have reunions at Bravo, are you ever scared? It seems like the women get really mean at those, and some viewer questions can be downright rude.
You’re right that they can be mean and many times desperate for attention. It brings out the best and worst of people. The scary part is that some people have absolutely nothing to lose – those are the dangerous ones.

“The Real Housewives of DC” went off the air. Being a part of the franchise doesn’t guarantee instant success. At one time, a critic I read said the market was over-saturated with the shows, and look, you are still strong in ratings! Congrats. Why do you think your show is still popular, years after the very first “Orange County?”
I think the producers have done a good job, the girls have brought the hot looks and the drama and Miami is a city everyone wants a glimpse into and a piece of.

On a really ditzy turning point for a second, I saw you have great bangs. How do you keep them from getting greasy? It’s my major pet peeve, and if I don’t have bangs, I look like Fiona the green ogre in “Shrek,” all baldish and green. :/ OK, I’m not really pea green, but you get my point about flattering my forehead!
Me? Great bangs – who knew ? If you use my Sudden Youth facial available at theworldofleablack.com you won’t have greasy skin and therefore you won’t have greasy bangs. ( How’s that for a shameless plug ? )

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Nicole Russin, also known as her alter ego Richárde, is a bestselling chef, experienced print journalist and beauty/editorial model. You may visit her official website at NicoleRussin.com.

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