Naomi Judd Admits To Staged Scenes In New Reality Show, Publicist Swoops In

It’s a dirty little not-so-well-kept secret – that not everything that happens on ‘reality’ shows just kind of ‘happens.’  But OWN’s publicist wasn’t so thrilled when Naomi Judd admitted that some scenes her upcoming series has some less than authentic moments.

The New York Post‘s Sean Daly reports that during a conference call with reporters about the program, let the cat out of the bag, only to be interrupted by the network representative:

Naomi, 64, let it slip that some scenes for the “The Judds,” which debuts April 10 on Oprah Winfrey’s cable network OWN, were actually scripted ahead of time — with disastrous results.

“There were a couple of setups that Bruce [Toms, the series’ executive producer] requested we do,” Naomi said. “Because we are both recovering people pleasers, we went along with him and they had horrible outcomes — yet they wound up on camera because we don’t get creative control.”

 The admission, which was abruptly cut off by an OWN publicist, came moments after Wynonna pounded the table demanding “The Judds” not be referred to as a reality show.

It appears as though Wynonna and the publicist abruptly entered damage control mode, insisting this is different than reality shows and that this is an aunthentic tale of the mother/daughter journey.
One thing that won’t need much exaggeration – the often tempestuous relationship between the two. The pair have been working out their family issues with a therapist for more than ten years. Yeesh.

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