How Much Do Celebs Make on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

I think we’ve all wondered how much a star gets when they’re on one of the highest rated reality shows of this decade.  “Dancing With the Stars” is watched by millions, and makes hundreds of millions each season through ad revenue.

Well, according to an insider who spoke to PopEater, even though the stars may have faded by the time they end up on the show, they still get a pretty nice chuck of change:

“When you sign up, every contestant gets $150,000 for 6 weeks rehearsals and the first two shows…Then every week you survive you make an extra $10,000 then $20,000 then $30,000 and so on, so the winner takes home $350,000.”

Sounds like a pretty nice chunk to you and I, but apparently not to everyone.  One past contestant complained to the site about the amount of strain and stress they went through while rehearsing:

“The show doesn’t pay for massages or anything else…the amount of physical stress and strain they put your body through, rehearsing six days a week, eight hours a day, is ridiculous.”

They went on to describe one particularly rough day:

“I have never worked so hard in my life…our call time was 6:00 AM and we were rehearsing with the band by 8 and then live on the dance floor that evening. That’s a 12-hour day.”

Yeah, it’s a 12 hour day…but getting paid $150,000 for 12-hour days consisting of becoming a better dancer and losing weight…?  I’ll take it.  Better than sitting in a cubicle staring a computer screen or working retail…

Would you be complaining, or loving every minute of it?

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