‘Doctor Who’ Star Elisabeth Sladen Dies

Sad news to report for all “Doctor Who” fans today: Elisabeth Sladen, who played investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, passed away yesterday.

After appearing in several plays and in other TV programs, the Liverpool, England-born actress landed the role of Sarah Jane in the original “Doctor Who” back in 1973. Though she left the show after her third season in 1976, Sladen returned every once in a while over the following decades and over all the other Doctors.

Sladen was also offered her own spin-off, ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures,’ which premiered in February 2007 and lasted four seasons with a fifth in the works.

Russel T. Davies, the man behind the 2005 ‘Doctor Who’ series reboot and ‘Adventure’ series told the BBC he’ll miss his dear friend.

“We had a glorious time…It’s just so sad. It was a joy to know the woman and an honor to have worked with her. Seriously, I loved her.”

According to E! Online, Sladen was battling cancer.  She was 63 years old.

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