Ad For Lady Gaga’s Fragrance Revealed… And It’s Revealing.

Here's a look at Gaga's photo for her new perfume... and a look at what's in it.

We’re seeing more of Lady Gaga – and her new fragrance in an ad shot by Steven Klein.

Gaga initially joked that the fragrance, called “Fame” would recreate the essence of “blood and semen,” (her words, and eww,) but Coty, the manufacturer, instead says it contains dark, sensual and light accords; the dark mimics belladonna but contains incense, the sensual includes honey, saffron and apricot nectar hues, and the light is a heady mix of crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. Okay, whatever that means…

That said, the bottle is cool. It touts itself as the first black eau de parfum (whatever, since it goes on clear anyway.) Remember how Pepsi did with the first clear cola? No one cared. Jokes aside, people will embrace this a bit more than Pepsi clear. After all, it’s Gaga.

In Gaga’s words, “Fame is an illusion; if you really want it, anyone can have it,” but in my words: not for free! It will be available in three different sizes retailing from $42 to $79 (and a $19 rollerball), and a shi-shi version, titled Ultimate Masterpiece, will come packaged in the ovoid bottle for God knows how much. It’s expected to earn $100 million in its first year, combining US and international sales.

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