TOO HOT FOR TV?The Uncensored Version of The GoDaddy Ad Featuring Supermodel Bar Refaeli Kissing A “Nerd”

Given the things that manage to make it onto your average episode of Two And A Half Men, it'[s hard to believe CBS would shy away from anything racy - but apparently, this uncensored version of the spot features a lot more tongue than they were comfortable with. And with that - a warning - there's a LOT of tongue.

CLEVER AND SEXY: Kate Upton Washes Mercedes Benz In Slow Motion For Super Bowl Ad

The folks at Mercedes Benz get it- Kate Upton turns guys' heads. So why WOULDN'T they have her wash one of their cars - in slow motion - in a Super Bowl Ad? And yet... they're in on the joke. (She barely touches the car, and she's pretty covered up by 'car wash video' standards.) Will guys be laughing - or disappointed?

VIDEO: Ellen’s First Commercial, Shot in 1992

As Ellen DeGeneres prepares to celebrate her 1,500th episode this Friday, she pulled an old gem from the vaults. A producer found her first commercial from when she was a young comic in 1992, where he portrays a CEO of a pet shop. She also shows some great photos from her path to stardom.