Idina Menzel Singing In A GEICO Commercial Is The Collaboration We Didn’t Know We Needed

The pitch: “GEICO The Musical: Defying Savings Of 15% Or More”

GEICO insurance has one of the best advertising teams ever. They have brought us some of the most memorable characters in commercial history. Who could ever forget the bitter cavemen, the pig crying “wee-wee-wee,” the hump-day camel or everyone’s favorite Aussie-accented talking gecko? Well even though I may not be able to ever say “hump day” without yelling it across the room, there is a new GEICO star that blows all the rest straight out the water. The one, the only, Idina Menzel.

Whether you know her as Elphaba or Elsa, there’s no denying the fact that Menzel has got a voice that can turn even the most mundane tune into a masterpiece. And to prove that, the broadway legend sings a little ditty in the latest GEICO commercial and I swear I would stream it on Spotify. In the 30-second ad Tara, played by Angel Parker, is informed of GEICO’s latest insurance deal before being asked if she is waiting for”Idina Menzel to sing [her] own theme song” to sign up. The Tony award-winning star then belts out a theme song praising Tara for getting her work done as a tax attorney…which she first misreads as taxidermy. That voice and comedy chops!? We’re not worthy!

Check out the reason you’ll be looking forward to a commercial break below!

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