‘Can You Spot The Predator?’ Is The Latest Challenge Driving The Internet Insane

It’s an apex puzzle.

Nothing gets my mind churning more than a good internet challenge. Seriously, when I am laying in bed in the middle of the night fixating on some embarrassing thing I said in the third grade, a good internet challenge is just the distraction I look for. Well, the latest one to go viral involves a trick on the eyes and let me assure you, it’s greeeeaaaaat!

Twitter user @Joy_Bishnoi posted a photo of a deer and asked followers if they could spot a predator. Now, the deer is in the middle of a heavily wooded area so the answer might not be as easy to find as you may think. I stared at the photo for longer than I’d care to admit and even thought that there could be a deep, existential answer like “humans are the predators to all wildlife,” but no there is actually a predator lurking in this photo. Can you spot it?

Need a hint? Ok the predator is striped and loves Frosted Flakes. Still can’t find it? *SPOILER ALERT* It’s a tiger and it’s hiding in the bushes in the top left corner of the photo! The camouflage of the big cat makes it nearly impossible to see at first glance.

The post has garnered a ton of answers with some hitting the nail on the head and others missing the mark completely. One user figured it out because “the ear gave it away.” Another looked a little deeper into the picture and said “the predator is the deer whereas its prey could be the grass I believe.” I mean he’s not wrong but I don’t think deer are considered a threat unless you’re driving down the New Jersey Turnpike in the middle of the night and one of these guys challenges you to a game of chicken. And one user who gave up on the search completely wrote “after seeing this picture I didn’t get busy searching for a predator, but got lost in the beauty of nature.” Still wrong but at least it’s a beautiful way to be wrong. 

So, did you spot the predator? Share with your friends and see which one of you has the eye of the tiger!

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