TOO HOT FOR TV?The Uncensored Version of The GoDaddy Ad Featuring Supermodel Bar Refaeli Kissing A “Nerd”

Given the things that manage to make it onto your average episode of Two And A Half Men, it'[s hard to believe CBS would shy away from anything racy - but apparently, this uncensored version of the spot features a lot more tongue than they were comfortable with. And with that - a warning - there's a LOT of tongue.

POP FLASHBACK: Three Years Ago, Tiger Woods’ Life Was Imploding. The NY Post Covers Got REALLY Creative.

Three years ago, on November 25, 2009, The National Enquirer was breaking a story on Tiger Woods. Sure, the mainstream media wouldn't listen (at first) but before long, the world would be talking about the athlete's scandal, and his life would be changed forever. But the thing I remember most was the covers from The New York Post.

Al Pacino To Star As Joe Paterno In New Biopic

After the Penn State scandal that rocked college football last year, it’s no surprise that a film based on Joe Posnanski’s biography, "Paterno" is in the works. And now, we are getting word that Al Pacino is getting ready to play the part of the shamed coaching legend.