It was announced yesterday that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has officially started production, and with that comes the viral marketing campaign, all starting with the main website!

With no real announcement, Warner Bros. quietly launched the film’s official website this morning, and they’re not making it easy for anybody trying to get some information.  When you first go on, the page is black.  Yup, nothing there.  Only a sound file that sounds like some sort of chanting (the Lazarus Pit..?), aptly titled “rises” plays in the background.

And then, there began the discoveries. First off, posted that a poster on the Superhero Hype message boards was able to decipher the sound spectrum of the audio message and found…a Twitter hashtag?  Yup…take a look for yourself!

That’s right…INSIDE the sound file.  And it turns out that when people tweet that hashtag, it starts to fill up the picture on the site with those tweets…another example:

And finally… the full picture: Tom Hardy as BANE! 

Just a small taste of what to expect from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES…

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