Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s DARK KNIGHT RISES Role Revealed!

It was reported only two days ago that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be joining Christopher Nolan and crew on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and since then, fans everywhere have been trying to speculate as to whom the actor would play.  Well, now we know.

Variety is reporting today that Gordon-Levitt is set to play Alberto Falcone, otherwise known as “The Holiday Killer.”

If you’re not sure who Alberto Falcone is, do not worry…you are definitely not alone.  As summed up by PopEater,

Alberto is the son of mafia kingpin Carmine Falcone (played by Tom Wilkinson in BATMAN BEGINS).  Unlike his siblings, Alberto wasn’t allowed to become involved in the family’s business — so he went to Harvard and Oxford instead. But the crime gene couldn’t stay buried forever, and when some of Gotham’s most notorious criminals were suddenly getting murdered in the graphic novel ‘The Long Halloween,’ it’s Alberto — dubbed The Holiday Killer — who’s behind the crimes. He eventually winds up in Arkham Asylum. He reappeared in the ‘Dark Victory’ story arc.

So while it may not be The Riddler or Robin or someone huge in the Batman universe, the choice of character definitely fits in with Nolan’s  world and intentions to keep Gotham City grounded in reality. And to be honest, doesn’t the actor look like Falcone??  Just a bit??

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