POP Video: Bullied Child Casey Heynes Interview, Contemplated Suicide…

At this point, everyone in the country has probably seen the video of the young Australian boy being picked on and fighting back.  Yet most probably still don’t even know his name.

Well now, we know his name is Casey Heynes, and we know a lot more.  Heynes sat down with the interview show, “A Current Affair” in Australia recently and gave a stunning twelve-minute video about bullying and everything he went through, and I must say…it’s eye opening.

Watch the interview below, and the original bullying video as well.  You won’t be able to look away…

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  • Bullying in schools is a problem that’s always been prevalent in schools. Saw a really cool video the other day about bullying from a bystander’s point of view that was really insightful. It’s a music video by the group Michael & Marisa called “The Same.” Check it out, it’s great: http://bit.ly/dLaPpb

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