UPDATE: Move Over Vans, Crocs Are Now Dominating The Flip Challenging

Vans today, Crocs tomorrow.

I’ve heard of a 24-hour virus but a viral trend that gets brushed off in less than a day? Social media really is more powerful than penicillin. The “flip challenge” began late yesterday with Twitter user @BernardPereda proving that Vans sneakers will always land right side no matter how they are thrown. Here’s the vid to remind you of this discovery.


Well, no one seems to care about flipping Vans anymore because the latest footwear being tossed are Crocs. That’s right, Twitter is a blaze right now with videos of users flipping their Crocs to prove that the appropriate-landing rate is even higher than that of Vans. You know all of these scientific minds could be finding cures for those 24-hour viruses instead of flipping shoes but I have to admit I enjoy a social media movement. Take a look at some of the best Crocs throw’s on social media right now.


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