Gay Couple Sends A Hilarious Video Message To The Thief That Stole The Pride Flag From Their Porch

Oh, rainbow you di’n’t.

A gay couple in Chicago became victims of theft when some jerk took the Pride flag from their porch. Rather than admit defeat, the adorable couple decided to fight back in the most hilarious way possible…buy and display more like flags…like a lot more!

Taking to TikTok to share their story, the couple begins by addressing “the person who stole the Pride flag off our front porch,” then satirically apologizing with “we’re so sorry a rainbow bruised your fragile ego.” The couple reassures the thief that there will be plenty more flags to come because they have “next-day Amazon prime.” The video goes on to show all the ways the new flags will be displayed on the front porch…including the magic trick in which one of the boyfriends pulls a never ending rainbow handkerchief from his mouth!

The whole video is brilliant and a great reiteration that we should never be ashamed of who we are. In fact, we should embrace it! The video ends with the gentle reminder that “you can keep taking our flag but you can never take our pride.” Amen to that!

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