AWKWARD: Sonic The Hedgehog’s Live-Action Look Has Been Leaked And It Definitely Can’t Be Unseen

Fans of the beloved video game character were left feeling blue after seeing leaked photos from the upcoming film.

A look book for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie was leaked and it has fans wishing they could run away faster than the speed of sound. The blue blur has become an international mascot for Sega and is instantly recognizable by his spiky fur, red sneakers and oversized eyes…so how did the upcoming film get his look so so so wrong?!? Brace yourself for the reveal…

So this version of Sonic is kinda cute if you squint but most fans feel that there is something a bit off with the new look. If you’re thinking he just looks goofy because of a bad camera angle, you’d be wrong. The leaked film guide featured a number of angles and characteristics that prove Sonic just doesn’t look like himself.

Let’s do a side by side just for kicks. Get it? Kicks…as in sneakers.

Fans were quick to point out that the new Sonic’s eyes are where the design has gone wrong. Normally the hedgehog’s eyes are much bigger. In fact, they are so big they touch in the middle, like my eyebrows used to. Twitter user @Guppinas altered Sonic’s eyes and coloring which actually does help balance out the look.

This isn’t the first controversy the upcoming film has stirred up. The internet nearly imploded after the release of both promotional, movie posters.

Maybe everyone’s just jealous of his perfectly sculpted muscles? No? Just me? Cool. The branding and design firm responsible for the leak, Hamagami/Caroll, Inc., removed the guide quicker than Sonic chasing a ring.  Reps for the film have not confirmed nor denied this leaked guide to be accurate, so there is a chance for a different final product. Sonic The Hedgehog will be racing into theaters on November 8th.

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