Mariah Carey Is Nearly ‘Crushed’ In Blooper From Last Year’s #BottleTopChallenge

That’s one high-octane octave.

Mariah Carey has a vocal range that leaves even dogs cheering for more, so it was no surprise when she took part in last year’s #BottleTopChallenge. The social media challenge forced singers to open a bottle top with only the use of their voices. Well obviously there isn’t a bottle top big enough to stand up to Carey’s whistle register so she shared a video demonstrating just how easy it was for her to complete the challenge.

I bet you she has never needed help opening a jar of pickles. It has been one year since the 5-time Grammy winner shared the original post and to commemorate the occasion Carey shared an outtake in which she is nearly “crushed” by the bottle. Of course the word “crushed” is a bit over-dramatized but it makes for a good post, darling.

Quite possibly the most impressive blooper ever. Knocking over a bottle of champagne is way more exciting then just spinning off the cap!

You can follow all of Mariah Carey’s social media adventures here.

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