Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Video: Could Storeowner’s Greed Foul Up The Case?

Lindsay Lohan’s defense has been saying for a while that the entire jewelry theft fiasco was the result of the storeowner’s hunger for publicity. Now, a controversy surrounding the surveillance video that allegedly captures the theft on tape is shining on a light on the storeowner’s greed, and could potentially destroy the prosecution’s case.

TMZ reports that The jewelry store — Kamofie & Co. — has  been dying to cash in on selling the surveillance video – working with a broker for the last few days and negotiated an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight. Some reports even claim that the negotiator had been speaking to the prosecution about not releasing the video publicly so that the money could be made from a sale.

Prosecutors now allegedly fear that the whole video and case itself may shed a negative light on the jeweler, destroying their case.

The video is here… whether this does anything to help or hurt Lohan is already being debated among the pundits, and there is no clear winner:



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