Boxing Champion Accidentally Gives Himself A Black Eye During Livestream Demonstration

Sometimes we are our own greatest opponent.

It sure was hard for European boxing champion, Sam Maxwell, to keep his eye on the prize during his latest livestream demonstration. The super-lightweight champion has been taking to social media to demonstrate different fitness and boxing techniques during this time of social distancing. Well, he may want to go into livestream retirement early after his recent post where he accidentally uppercut himself in the face.

The video starts off normal enough with Maxwell explaining a few tips before taking to the punching bag. After only a few blows, Maxwell’s hand slips and he pops himself right in the eye. The boxer immediately drops to his knees and asks if the camera is still rolling. After a few jump edits, the champ shows off his shiner to which the videographer takes only a little pleasure in saying “it’s looking bad ya know.”

A regular punch to the eye would hurt anyone but Maxwell’s fists earned him an undefeated professional debut season back in 2016 and registered him 11 knockouts. Luckily, the black eye hasn’t hindered Maxwell’s sense of humor as the champ took to social media to not only share the cringeworthy video but post this caption along with it “‘My Instagram live workouts are cancelled until further notice. (deadpan emoji)” Probably a good idea unless helmets are eligible for essential shipping.


Some social media trolls jumped to their keyboards to say that the video was obviously fake. Maxwell clapped back with another video to show the haters that his self-inflicted uppercut was very real as proven by his extreme headache and oh yea, black eye! He then starts beating the bejeezus out of the punching bag to let out some frustrations…I guess he’s hoping to turn the black eye into a matching set? Either way, take a look!

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