Mariah Carey Sent to Hospital with Contractions!

With two babies on board, Mariah Carey had to be extra careful this weekend with a false alarm that sent her to the hospital!

According to, in the early morning hours of her March 27 birthday, Carey tweeted that the twins “really wanted 2 celebrate w/us/share the anniversary!”, and she “started having contractions last night…went 2 the hospital.”

After the false alarm, Carey was sent home to rest.  Her next update on Twitter read,

“Finally they said I could come home after they got it under control but…They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary in deed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but- wow!!!”

Earlier this week, Carey’s husband Nick Cannon, tweeted about the delivery, and accidentally lost himself a bit of manliness in the process:

“I am probably going to faint in the delivery room! I need to man up!  Or maybe I should say WOMAN UP, since they are the ones that have to be the strongest in the whole ordeal!”

Hopefully, the next article you see about the topic will be the babies being born healthy and happy.

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