Justin Bieber Restyles Hair, Tweens Worldwide Scream OMG.

Justin Bieber posted a pic on his twitter account recently. He’s known to do that often. (Today he uploaded a pic of the pancakes that he had for breakfast. Pretty compelling stuff.)

But the standout photo that is getting some attention is the one where he showed that his hair is actually capable of not looking like a wig that’s on backwards.


He was apparently beautifying himself for a Rolling Stone shoot.

He’s a talented kid. I don’t know why he talks all ‘street’ (he’s from Canada, for crying out loud) but he’s got some talent. I think he should change his hair before he’s like one of those guys who starred on the show “The Monkees” that is still trying to work the mop top. It gets a little sad. Like seeing a 55 year old guy in West Hollywood wearing Abercrombie and Fitch. Just sad.

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