Hugh Hefner as You Never Seen Him Before: Planking with the Bunnies!

No, “planking” isn’t some sick saying for what Hugh does in the bedroom.  Okay, maybe it is…but NOT in this situation!

Hefner’s new main girlfriend, Anna Sophia Berglund posted on Twitter earlier this week, saying “I got Hef to plank!” Along with that came this little picture!

Yp, THAT’S planking!  For those of you still not sure what the hell is going on, planking is when people post pictures of themselves laying face-down in unusual places. Hef also tweeted, “After the Uno game, Anna got me to plank on the dining room table. See her photo.”

But obviously, that wasn’t enough for the Playboy king.  Playmate Shera Bechard tweeted this shot:

Oh, the life of Hugh Hefner…

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