Pink Hates Her Hair, Says So On Twitter. Somewhere Her Stylist Wants To Die Right About Now.

We’ve all had a regrettable haircut. One where we mentally begin calculating how many weeks of embarassment we must endure before it becomes remotely styleable. And then calculating how many months it would take to get back to that place where you were yesterday… when you had a decent head of hair and needed a trim. Right now Pink is feeling that pain, and isn’t shy about expressing it.

She got a hair cut and dye job, and apparently it didn’t go so well. She went to an event. She was photographed. People let her know on Twitter, (the devil’s confessional) just what they thought. And so she acknowledged the hair-don’t by calling out the stylist.

Now for celebrities, it’s pretty easy to just get some extensions. And I’m thinking, even if she kept it this way, there are a few more style options than the current look… spiky? Slicked back? Back to a buzz cut? Whatever you do Pink, we’ve been there. We’ve so been there. Except for the being a rock star whose photographed constantly part.

Pink, I know you’re hurting. I know. But you can take comfort in knowing that somewhere the stylist that did this is hurting too. Somewhere in a dark bar last night she sat with her friend and had to admit to them: “I’m the one. I’m the one who butchered Pink. And now Pink wants me dead. She basically said so on Twitter.”   I would also be cautious, Pink… because if something happens to this stylist… if she turns up dead in her apartment one night this week, (perish the thought) everyone will be looking for you… because you had a motive.

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