OOPS: Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets His Cell Phone Number to 5.5 Million Followers, Intending To Send It To Justin Bieber.

In related news, Charlie Sheen wants Justin Bieber to call him for some reason.

Charlie Sheen wants Justin Bieber to call him for some reason. Sheen made a common mistake among twitter users by mistaking a tweet -  which goes to ALL his followers, and a “Direct Message” which is just between him and the person he directs it to. And so, when he tweeted his cell phone number to Bieber, with the message: “Call me bro. C.” It went to everybody that sees his tweets.

First up: Are we still saying bro? And is it weird when a forty-six year old calls a seventeen year old ‘bro?’ I think we both know the answer.

Sheen has 5.5 million followers. All of them suddenly had instant access to his cell phone number. He quickly removed it from his page, but it was too late for the roughly 1,800 people who decided to text him (so says the UK’s Daily Mail.) The number was 310-954-7277, by the way. It has since been disconnected.

If he DID keep the number, here’s what the numbers could have spelled, according to PhoneSpell.org.

(Come on, you’ve never tried to see what your phone number would spell?)




Okay, I found those kind of funny. 

Anyone else dying to know what the whole exchange was about in the first place? Hopefully we’ll find out!

Methinks Twitter should be taking all this confusion about messaging into account for their redesign. It’s not an uncommon mistake.  In late May of 2011, then NY Congressman Anthony Weiner sent a pic  via twitter of his, um… manhood, to whom he thought was solely a 21 year old Washington State woman. But in actuality he had sent it out to the world, by sending it to all his followers. After initial denials, he ended up owning up to that and other sordid online affairs, and resigned from office.

Meanwhile, if you’re doing the tweet thing – follow me! @BrianBalthazar…Granted, it may not be as sordid as Sheen and Weiner, but it’s harmless!

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