If You Ever Date Amanda Bynes, She WILL Be Tweeting About It

I like Amanda Bynes, but that girl is what I call a binge tweeter. She won’t tweet for a while, then she’ll

Last year Bynes was all over the Twitter, spent a lot of time chatting about her love problems, said she was quitting acting, and then quit Twitter.  Then she rejoined Twitter. Drama!

Now she’s back to her old ways… as evidenced by the recent tweetfests on both February 14th and February 16th. Rest assured, gentlemen… if you ever start dating Amanda Bynes… she will tweet about you… more than likely in a vague ‘you know who you are’ sort of way.

Feb 14th Tweets (read from bottom of image up). Love is seemingly in bloom… but only briefly:

Well that romance went south quickly!
Bynes then spent the 15th fairly hush  – a mere three tweets! (That’s nothing compared to an average day)

Then the 16th came… and so did the tweets:

Right about now I want to give Amanda Bynes a hug. And hide her blackberry.

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