VIRAL @#$@#$ VIDEO: Comic Greg Benson’s Irreverent Vacation Cruise Videos

Comedian Greg Benson is an irreverent, foul mouthed, but also kind guy who's going viral with his unorthodox videos from his cruise vacation. His profanity ridden (its bleeped) tour of the ship is probably the most unlikely publicity this cruise ship has ever gotten. Then, he interviews Harold, an 81 year old karaoke singer who sounds like he's going to cough something up during his performance.

Comedy Legend Phyllis Diller Has Died at 95

Legendary comic and actress Phyllis Diller has died. She was 95. Phyllis Diller first started doing in her late 30's... some reports even say she began at age 38. Proof enough that you should never let age get in the way of starting a whole new path.

“Sabrina, The Teenage Witch” To Become a Live-Action Superhero Film, I Kid You Not

"Sabrina The Teenage Witch" has taken a lot of shapes throughout the years. It debuted as a part of the Archie Comic universe in the 60s, went on to become an animated TV show in 1969, 1971, and 1999, and gave Melissa Joan Hart her second television series when it became a sitcom in 1996. But never before has the character been a superhero... Until now.

Watch POPgoesTheWeek’s Brian Balthazar Weigh In On TV Blunders!

Thanks to the people at TV Guide Networks and Atlas Productions for getting POPgoesTheWeek's take on the worst TV mistakes in history... part two! From the Brady Bunch's cousin Oliver, to Kanye West stealing Taylor Swift's moment... Be sure to check it out: only on the TV Guide Network, Sunday July 31st at 8pmET/7pm central!!!

POP Goes The Week Viral Video Roundup!

This week, an update on Japan's favorite cat "Maru," an adorable couple named Rita and Frank who can't seem to take a picture with their webcam, a very funny woman whose "Sittin' On Tha Toilet" video has gotten 25 million views - and reflecting on why those women in the Neutrogena commercials always splash so much water around!