#DrawingWhileBlack Goes Viral As Black Artists Share Their Inspirational Works Of Art

Black art matters.

Someone once said “the opposite of war is not peace, it’s creation” and we can definitely use some creativity during these fractured times. Luckily for us, social media is providing a much needed outlet for those looking for positivity and inspiration. The hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack is trending after Black artists from around the world began showcasing their talents on Twitter. And honestly, any one of these artists could be featured in a museum!

The artists sharing their work range from amateurs who draw for fun to professionals in the comic book industry to animators to illustrators to designers…the list goes on and on! It’s amazing to see how much steam this creative train has picked up. Take a look at some of the works below and be sure to check out #DrawingWhileBlack on Twitter to see all the works being featured!






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