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Catch Me On VH1’s Big Morning Buzz “Cover Wars!” Thursday!

I’m super excited to appear VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Thursday morning at 10am eastern!



VH1 Big Morning Buzz Cover Wars

I’m super excited to appear VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Thursday morning at 10am eastern!

Every Thursday Big Morning Buzz grabs the latest gossip magazines to break down the headlines and separate fact from fiction – dishing on what’s dead right – what’s dead wrong, and what’s just plain mean! (And as a result, probably a little bit funny!)

If you haven’t checked out the show before, Carrie Keegan and Jason Dundas are hilariously fun, funny and easy on the eyes. (Learn more about them HERE.) This is my kind of morning show!

A clip of the cover wars segment will appear here as soon as it goes online!

Brian Balthazar Black wallFor VH1 fans who found their way here to POPgoesTheWeek, Welcome! We’re all about Hollywood dish, interviews, the occasional adorable pet video, and anything people are talking about online.

At right, a photo of me where I look better than I actually do in real life.

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Dr. Phil Shaved Off His Mustache And Suddenly I Don’t Phil So Good



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…or shave it in this case.

Talk show host Dr. Phil is known for three things: Giving advice. A strong southern drawl. And an mustache so thick, it could have a milkshake named after it. I mean just take a look at that furried upper lip in all of it’s glory!

For as long as Dr. Phil has been on television he has that mustache, so you could imagine the worldwide hysteria that ensued when he posted a video with his stache slathered in shaving cream while holding a razor dangerously close to it. I mean…what could have inspired this sudden fit of rash behavior?!

He wouldn’t really go through with it though right? I mean no one likes change…right? Wrong! Here’s what the tv host looks like without his stache…and let’s just say, it is most certainly not what the doctor ordered!

After sharing his most traumatizing content since the “Cash Me Outside” girl, Dr. Phil posted this video insuring that the entire stunt was actually just an April Fool’s joke.


I’m definitely going to need some mood elevators to recover from this one! I love a makeover as much as the next guy, but some things are better left alone!

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REALI-TEASE: Porsha Williams Confirms ‘RHOA’ Spin-off



It’s no longer just word on the curb, Porsha Williams has confirmed her Real Housewives Of Atlanta spin-off!

Porsha joined the RHOA cast back in season 5 and has been the center of a lot of excitement ever since. Even with all of the scepter snatches and best-friend betrayals she’s endured in the past, some would say this has been Porsha’s most exciting season yet. This year fans saw Porsha date the man who would put a ring on her finger and a bun in her oven. Since wrapping season 11 of RHOA, Porsha and fiancé, Dennis McKinley, have had their daughter, Pilar Jhena, and now it looks like fans will get to see all the events leading up to that birth. After weeks of speculation, Porsha took to social media to confirm her own spin-off entitled The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Porsha’s Having A BabyNo word on how many episodes the spin-off will consist of but we can be sure it will be some fun tv! 


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Is Miley Cyrus Bringing ‘Hannah Montana’ Back?!



Miley Cyrus sure has been posting a lot about Hannah Montana lately….

It’s been 8 years since Miley Cyrus has given us the best of both worlds by slapping on that blond wig and becoming the tween-dream, Hannah Montana, so is she ready for a comeback? Last night Miley posted a marathon of tweets that have fans speculating a triumphant return of the Disney diva. Let’s examine, it started with this tweet wishing Lady Gaga a happy birthday:

Then this proclamation that Miley has decided to be Hannah forever!

An obvious throwback to Hannah’s biggest hit was necessary.

Well, idk if Disney would like to hear Hannah’s new definition of “Best Of Both Worlds”…

But she’s punk now so it’s par for the course I guess?

Maybe this is all an elaborate plan to release an album with Migos?

Well there’s no way of anticipating what to expect next, this is Miley after all. In the meantime, fans will just have to remain hopeful that there’s more Hannah Montana in the future!

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