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POP INTERVIEW: Comic Carey Reilly Asks “How Are You So Sexy?”

Watch Carey Reilly’s funny new web show, where she lives a day in the life of sexy people! What she does in a yoga class will leave you speechless, and perhaps mortified, but definitely laughing.



Carey Reilly

Carey Reilly is a seriously funny woman. Ten years ago we met for the first time – both of us were performing at the same NYC comedy club, “Don’t Tell Mama.” It was comedic love at first sight. I have watched her kill audiences with her wit ever since, and see her go on to appear on many of the shows you know and love, like The Today Show, The Joy Behar Show, The Wendy Williams Show, and more. We’ve gone on to perform together, and cheer each other on separately. And so it’s doubly exciting for me to see her star in her new web show “How Are You So Sexy” which just launched on YouTube’s 3V Channel. There’s a new episode every Monday! The premiere episode can be seen right here on POPgoesTheWeek!


Carey Reilly Yoga 2What is the idea behind “How are you so sexy?”

It isn’t necessarily about conventionally sexy people, but people who are disciplined and focused, who go after their goals. We’re looking for people who personify the mind, body, spirit connection and show how that elevates what they do in life, that’s sexy.
What kind of people do you meet?

I meet people from all different fields but they have to be healthy in some way. Rodale is a company based on wellness and 3v is a health and fitness channel so we need to stay true to the brand. We have an episode coming up with Olympic trained athlete Amanda Russell who broke her leg only a week before the Beijing Olympics and after her dreams were crushed she had to come up with a new plan, so she started her own health and fitness channel. We also spent the day with Steve Weatherford who is a punter for the Giants. He was so much fun I felt like we were two kids on a playground goofing all day but he’s very serious when it comes to his body and his commitment pays off because he’s jacked!

Carey Reilly YogaOkay, so based on that, yes, they’re totally sexy people, conventionally or otherwise! Still, its so fun to watch you follow them around! In your first interview you go to a yoga class… And you pass gas. (and not a short one, I might add… You really put it out there!) A lot of people would have wanted that taken out of the show… Did you?

Hahaha, I think I am the only woman in America who said to our producers, that toot better not be cut. Sorry for the pun! People always toot while doing yoga, it’s such a common practice and after all that raw food, I was so gassy!!! I am an open book… not much embarrasses me. Being a comic you tell your most embarrassing stories everyday. My job as a comic is to tell the truth and make it funny.

First of all, I can’t believe you’re actually using the word ‘toot’ seriously. Note that none of the people who were conventionally sexy were farting in any of the interviews, were they? Speaking of these sexy people, I know you’re married – but was there any one person that was so sexy you couldn’t keep it together?

Oh Holy Hannah, my husband is going to read this so…no! never! That never happens…ever! I’m sure that never happens to my husband either. It better not anyway. So the answer is…hmmm, I’ll never tell.

On behalf of all my readers, let me tell you for the record: that was the Lamest. Answer. Ever. I want names.

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At the end of these interviews, do you feel sexier? Or worse?

That’s a good question, I think. I feel very inspired by the people we’ve had on the show. They’re all so damn hot! I’m like, geeze I thought I was kind of sexy when I’m not wearing my sleep apnea mask at night but who am I kidding! I’m sexy in a busted up kind of way. No, seriously, I am the show’s audience. I am trying to implement what I’ve learned from these people into my daily life so I can be even more sexy, so look out!

Carey Reilly LaurenYou also drank some green algae thing in one episode … Have you had one since? Any plans to change the way you live?

That green algae thing from The Juice Press was delicious! I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since! I truly was craving raw food after that day with Lauren. Later on in the week I was thinking, “how can I get a hold of that cheesecake and not just one piece but the whole cake! That kind of defeats the purpose.

You’re obviously a very funny woman… Do any of these people think you’re weird and not know what to think? Or are they all pretty fun and up for the ride?

Carey Reilly GymHey wait a minute! Why would anybody think I’m weird? Just because I smelled Lauren Berlingeri’s bare feet? They smelled like roses by the way, I was just trying to find something that wasn’t perfect about her, so far zip. I also asked Steve Weatherford if I was the first vagina on the Giants Training Field, he insisted I wasn’t. I don’t believe it. Really most people get the sensibility of the show and that what we’re going for is information and humor. I’m a comic and I’m always looking for the joke, most people get that but not always. I try to loosen them up if they’re a little apprehensive. Really I think most people have a lot of fun doing the show. I know I do.

I was once eating a dinner at a restaurant with you and you sent two things back to the kitchen. Is that something you normally do? We had only ordered three appetizers. The entire check was like twenty dollars.
Please explain.

Hahhaha! No, Did I really? I don’t remember, you’re just trying to make me look like a diva.

Carey Reilly Sunglasses

Let me set the record straight, first of all the check only came to twelve dollars and you treated so thanks for breaking out the bank on me. As I recall, it was you who sent everything back, then stormed out of the restaurant. I stayed and ate your food. It was delicious.

You are so delusional it defies explanation. It was a sautéed mushrooms appetizer and you said it was overcooked. (In your defense, it was.) And yes, I think you’re right, the bill was twelve dollars, because they took the price of the mushrooms off, and I think you ordered water to drink. We had fun. But I think the server was not happy.

On to more important matters. If only one kind of M&M’s existed, and you could choose which one, which would it be?

First of all how did you know that I LOVE M&M’s… the peanut kind is my favorite. I like to trick myself that the protein in the nuts make it ok to eat. So, I would choose the pink variety only available during Valentines Day.These questions are getting too personal.
I agree on the Peanut variety. Although I could give two bits about what color the exteriors are. Moving on…

Which sport do you prefer? lacrosse, soccer or football?

Since I have had a tour of the Giants locker room and showers .. I love football!!!

Okay, I have never toured locker rooms of either sport, so I will hold off on my decision.

Carey Reilly Law and OrderYou once played a straight talking investigator on an episode of Law & Order… Did you try and get chummy with the cast, maybe get invited to lunch with them? How did that go?

I had a scene with Jesse L. Martin and Dennis Farina. I tried to play it cool and not act starstruck. I had to resist stalking Jesse on the set in between takes. At one point he was in the hallway singing and doing a some fancy footwork in between scenes. It took everything I had to act like I was too cool for school. He was gorgeous and such a sweet heart! They didn’t even feed us that day on the set. Mama was hungry. Too be honest though that was my first BIG booking. I was a nervous wreck. When my agent called me and told me I got the part I broke down crying because I had worked for so many years towards booking a role on a show like that and it finally happened. It was amazing.

That explains the restraining order Jesse Martin has against you! Now it all makes sense.

Okay – We just celebrated Valentine’s day. What advice do you give to women who want to spice up their marriage? (Keep it clean, I know a few places you might go with this.)

You need to spice up your marriage? Go out with your girlfriends a lot. Have your own life.. let your husband miss you a little. Oh, and keep the bathroom door closed when you use it, that’s where I went wrong year’s ago. or ( Don’t give your husband the old dutch oven in bed, he won’t like it… so I heard..)

You should do ‘Why Are You So Romantic’ as your next series!


Hold Onto Your Bucket, You Can Visit Colonel Sanders on KFC Island In ‘Animal Crossing’



Kentucky. Fried. Crossing.

If I told you to live in a tent for a few days, pull a bunch of weeds from the lawn and chop down a few trees for lumber that you will then have to turn into tools with your own two hands all while trying to pay off a ridiculous debt that you unwittingly acquired you might think I’m into corporal punishment. Yet, it’s all those things that make Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch so damn addictive.

The life simulation video game has grown unbelievably popular over these last few months and it’s probably because the game provides a great creative outlet that can keep players entertained for hours while remaining home during quarantine. Even some celebrities have jumped on the virtual bandwagon with Elijah Wood, T-Pain, Chrissy Tiegen and more all sharing their obsession on social media. Well scoot over movie stars, big time singers and supermodels because the biggest household name just changed the game (not literally as I’m sure the game has some sort of coding that prevents actual changes to be made but metaphorically the pun works). That’s right, Colonel Sanders has an avatar and an island and is ready to serve up some chicken.

Credit: KFC Philippines Twitter

Earlier this week, the KFC Philippines Twitter account revealed the news that “KFC Island” would be opening for lucky visitors. To get to the island you have to message their Facebook account with the #KFCVirtualStore for a chance at getting a Dodo Code. Because I am one of the many who have fallen in love with this game I know that a Dodo Code is a unique code which can be shared with select visitors to grant them access to your island. I feel like such a gamer. On the Kentucky fried island there is a restaurant that is replicated to look like the real thing! There’s booths, a kitchen and even promotional posters. Oh and as if this wasn’t exciting enough, if you find the Colonel hiding somewhere on the island you could win an 8-piece chicken bucket from KFC…in real life! (The promotion is only valid for players in the Philippines.)

Credit: KFC Philippines Twitter

Visits to the island are only available until June 20th, so be sure to hop on this finger lickin’ experience while you can!

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Stan Lee Said The Only Way To Combat A Racist Is To ‘Expose Them’ In A Periodical From Over Fifty Years Ago



A man truly ahead of his time.

The concept of finding strength within a community has never been more pressing than it is right now. Our country is divided in so many ways but amongst the fractures you can see groups joining together in an effort to show that unity is always stronger than division. If anyone can attest to that belief it was the ingenius comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer Stan Lee.

The man responsible for the Marvel universe we know and love today was behind a number of comic books which featured outcasts who looked beyond their differences in order to unify and protect the greater good. A concept our world might need reminding of. In the back of the comics Lee wrote for was a section entitled “Stan’s Soapbox,” where the wordsmith would write short articles expressing some things that were on his mind. One soapbox article from 1968 has resurfaced and gone viral because of how eerily fitting it is for today.

In the article Lee calls bigotry and racism “the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today.” But unlike a super villain from one of his comics, racism and bigotry cannot be defeated by a “punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun,” he says, rather “the only way to destroy them is to expose them – reveal them for the insidious evils they really are.” The comic book creator suggests the only way for our world to continue peacefully is to “judge each other on our merits” and to “fill our hearts with tolerance.”

Along with the soapbox article, a clip from an interview with Larry King has gone viral with Lee once again wishing to see more tolerance in the world. When asked what the one thing he would change about the world Lee responded “I’d make people not hate each other because of their religion, because of their nationality, because of any stupid reason. If we can abolish hatred, we live on this gorgeous planet.”

Why couldn’t he be the celebrity that ran for president!? Hopefully the villains Lee warned us about over fifty years ago will soon seem like a thing in the past and that beautiful, tolerant world he dreamed of will become a reality.

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Lizzo’s Performance Of ‘Pomp And Circumstance’ Will Make Any Graduate Feel Good As Hell



She really is a hoot with a flute.

Ah graduation, that special moment that every student dreams about where they get dressed up in an unbreathable gown and an unflattering cap and sit outside for hours somewhere on a great lawn in the middle of a heat wave just to receive that special piece of paper that says they have completed a super long chapter in their lives. While the ceremonies are not always the most exciting time ever, to be denied the chance to walk across a stage and turn the tassel on your cap due to the pandemic guidelines does seem like a real bummer. To help remedy the graduation blues of 2020, YouTube Originals live-streamed an event called Dear Class Of 2020 which featured some huge stars offering their support. One of those stars happened to be Lizzo who put her own spin on the classic graduation march “Pomp and Circumstance.”

In her performance, Lizzo played the iconic two-minute section of the song that is most widely associated with graduations. After about 40-seconds, the “Juice” singer shares her congratulations to the graduating class and then lets them know it’s time to “turn it up.” With that, Lizzo is virtually accompanied by the New York Phil Harmonic as they jam out (is it still called jamming out when it’s classical music?) to create a truly memorable performance. The performance is visually stunning showcasing some cool digital effects but what truly stands out in the video are the images of black graduates wearing their caps and gowns as they participate in Black Lives Matter protests that are happening throughout the nation. The entire video suddenly becomes much more hopeful as it becomes clear that the future of our nation rests in the hands of these courageous, intelligent and strong young people.

The video ends with a photo of Deveonte Joseph taken by photographer Nathan Aguirre, which went viral when first posted. In the photo, Joseph is wearing his graduation cap and gown on a street in St. Paul, Minnesota, with the lights of a police set up glowing behind him.

Check out the entire inspirational video below!

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