Today’s Video Pick

WATCH: POP Goes The Week visits Kathie Lee And Hoda!

Thanks as always to the wonderful team at Today for inviting me back to the fourth hour of the Today Show! Today I sat down with KLG and Hoda to talk about Leah Remini's lucrative book deal, Russell Brand, Simon Cowell, Lindsay Lohan, and ... my new *(and probably temporary) beard!

VIDEO:”Edwin Drood” Cast Goes Viral With “Bustle Fluffah” Song

You won't see THIS song on Broadway. The cast of the Roundabout Theatre Company's "The Mystery Of Ediwn Drood" has a YouTube video called "Bustle Fluffah." It's sort of a Dickensian answer to "Baby Got Back." A rap interpretion of those frames on Victorian dresses that made women's backsides look enormous. If the Victorian Era had an equivalent of "My Humps," this would be it.

AMAZING VIDEO: After Losing Her Legs To Rescue Her Children, Mom Triumphs On Ellen

Indiana mom Stephanie Decker lost her legs two months ago while saving her kids from a tornado. Just relieved to be alive for her kids, as she laid in an ambulance with her legs severed, she joked to her husband 'There go pedicures.' Now after being told she wouldn't walk for a year, she went on Ellen, and not only walked... she danced.

VIDEO: Evil But Funny Bungee Jump Prank

Instead of a bachelor party, a bunch of guys played the ultimate prank on the groom. SAYING they were going bungee jumping, they suited him up and cheered him on, blindfolded as he jumped. Instead of falling 50 feet from a bridge, he plunged three feet into a lake. Evil.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Lamborghini Driver Shows Off His Way Into An Accident

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLLLLLLY impressed when someone with a fast car REVS it and REVS it at a stop light! This guy was doing just that, prompting the people behind him to videotape what they expected to high speed peel out of the intersection. What they DIDN'T expect was to catch his stupid driving steering him right into an accident.

VIDEO: This Baby Can Do More Pullups Than Most Of Us

Jonas is somewhere around 10 months old. And yet - enticed by a cartoon playing on a desktop's computer screen, he manages to do more pull ups than many adults! I look forward to watching his infomercial and purchasing his workout videos.