POP VIDEO: Seth MacFarlane’s TED Gets a Green Band Trailer That’s Even Better Than the Red Band!

Just two days ago, the internet got its first glimpse at what has to be one of the strangest ideas ever put to film: TED. The red-band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's first movie pulled no punches with its crass humor and curse filled dialogue. And now, we have the green-band trailer, which may actually be even better than the red-band!

Letterman Booker Eddie Brill Won’t Be Booking Anymore

Eddie Brill, David Letterman’s “Late Show” comedy booker for ten years - has been stripped of the job, after saying in an interview that too many female comics “act like men” to get laughs.

POP PARODY: Lady Gaga Clothing For Babies!

This hysterical faux-commercial from the geniuses over at The Jimmy Kimmel show imagines a world where Lady Gaga has her own clothing line for babies called "Gaga Goo Goo". (Is it that far of a stretch?) Lady Gaga herself makes a cameo. Check out the video!

POP Goes The Week Viral Video Roundup!

This week, an update on Japan's favorite cat "Maru," an adorable couple named Rita and Frank who can't seem to take a picture with their webcam, a very funny woman whose "Sittin' On Tha Toilet" video has gotten 25 million views - and reflecting on why those women in the Neutrogena commercials always splash so much water around!